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“In this very tough economy I need to make sure we sell “X” number of units per month. V-SEPT lets me know how many deals each sales person is working every day, so I know if we are going to hit our goal for the month. V-SEPT makes my job easier and keeps my sales team on-track to follow-up with customers before and after the sale.”

Chad Ammons
Eric Motorsports

“We have been with V-SEPT for over a year now. Our main goal was two-fold. One was to have a more personable follow-up system. The company we were using had computer generated signatures. I felt by doing the follow-up in-house with V-SEPT not only saved us money but gave us that personal touch I was looking for. The second issue that V-Sept addresses is customer follow up. It does a great job keeping our salespersons and managers organized and makes sure that none of our customers falls through the cracks. This has not only helped our closing ratio but our retention level as well. We have set up reminders to our salesperson to contact every customer by phone after the sale. I can even view all the leads in real-time when I am away from the dealership. The integration with our website and Lightspeed is great as we no longer have to do double entry of customers information. Overall you cannot beat the service, performance and value of V-SEPT.”

Jeff Heishman, Owner
Liberty Cycle Center

“V-SEPT just makes my job easier! It allows me to see all the sales activity real time, so I know what deals are being worked and customers are being followed up with. After the sale follow-up is made simple, just one click of a button and follow-up letters and e-mails are sent to our customers. We looked at other sales and lead tracking systems and I found V-SEPT easier to use and provides the most features for the best price.”

Jeff Lanzer - Sales Manager
A.D. Farrow Co. Harley Davidson

“We switched from Higher Gear to V-SEPT because V-SEPT is designed for the Motorcycle Industry and offers all the things we needed to close more deals and follow-up with our customers. Everything worked right out of the box, from beginning to end my sales team can track all customers in V-SEPT.”

Todd Erdman - Owner

“Customer Follow-up is essential to sell more bikes in today’s market and V-SEPT just makes it easy. The sales team stays organized with V-SEPT and allows me to keep track of what deals are being worked. We switched from Traffic Log Pro to V-SEPT because it offers more functionality and integration to our existing systems.”

Derek Sanders – Sales Manager

"V-SEPT allows us to integrate with our Lightspeed DMS system so we can see Inventory and follow-up with customers who have purchased motorcycles with Letters, Cards, e-Mail and Phone Calls. Our sales team captures every lead in V-SEPT and it automatically schedules follow-up so no customer is forgotten. Then our call center follow-ups with customers who have visited our dealership so we can get third party (non-bias) feedback on how we are doing. V-SEPT gives us the power to keep our sales team informed and our customers connected.

Tony Beyer - GM

“With up to 15 sales consultants and hundreds of customers coming through the door everyday we needed a computerized sales and lead tracking system. We found V-SEPT very user friendly and has many great features and benefits for both sales people and sales management. When we first put V-SEPT in it was met with some resistance. Training people to get away from the written lead cards and entering them into the computer took a short adjustment period. Now they see the benefit of having their customer information at their finger tips. We can track daily sales and leads by consultant, and where they are at in the selling process. The follow-up communication with our customers has been invaluable. The management reports have helped with coaching and counseling, inventory control and keeps us in control of our day to day operations. The Sales people love V-SEPT because their customer information is available instantly, checking inventory has never been easier, personalized thank you letters to their customers go out daily, and day to day follow-up with leads and appointments keeps them on track and in touch with their customers.

We would recommend V-SEPT to any dealership looking to take control of their sales department and drive their sales and customer retention upward. It does take a strong commitment to the V-SEPT sales and lead tracking system but the returns are invaluable.”

Jason Glassman – GM

“I really like V-SEPT because it makes my sales team and I stick to our process. We have more of an interest in getting the information from the customer, because we are tracking leads better now. We now know sales people are following-up with customers. The CRM Module allows us to send Thank you for considering Letters and Thank you for your Purchase Letters, etc are being done, and being done in house. The comparison feature along with the trade calculator is nice. I feel V-SEPT has taken our dealership to the next level in our market. This tool has great reporting capability as well as lead capture marketing information. The use of birthday, service, and warranty reminders along with coupons has had some value also. This has proven to be a good tool to have in the dealership because it holds us accountable to do our jobs correctly and efficiently.”

Ray Jr. - GM

I really do love V-Sept, the sales guys feel it has really helped close more sales with better follow up and at the same time has helped our overall professionalism!

Lee Van Zeeland
Team Winnebagoland
Oshkosh Wisconsin

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